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Winter Specials Catalog 2013 - 2014

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SI Feeders Arrow FrontŪ Feeders Feeder Wagon
Arrow Front Feeders with No Steel Insert

Feeders can be specially made for a variety of needs. High and low profile designs, and various slant bar spacings accommodate most cattle. Feeders without slant bars are used for horned or antlered livestock. Rear hitches and high capacity needs can be made. Various spacing can be ordered to accommodate extremely large or small livestock.

Arrow Front Feeders with High Steel Inserts

Inserts are at an angle that allows feed to flow down without bridging and resists overflowing. Adjustable height of the inserts control the feed-flow of different types of feed. Inserts are removable when feeding round bales, to allow cattle to get at the total bale. Manger depth is ideal to prevent overflow and eliminate residual spoilage. 12 gauge rust resistant steel feed manager. Rust and acid resistant green paint.

Arrow Front Feeders with Low Steel Insert

Single Axles are standard on all Arrow FrontŪ feeders.
8 ton capacity on 12', 16', 20' and 24' Arrow FrontŪ feeders.
10 ton capacity on 30' and 36' Arrow FrontŪ feeders.
Tandem Axles are optional on all wagon lengths for added capacity, strenth and floatation.
12, 16, 20 and 24 foot wagons become 12 ton cap.
30 and 36 foot wagons become 15 ton cap.
The stength of the Arrow FrontŪ design allows S.I. to move the rear axle back which puts more weight on the front axle for safer towing and less problems on wet land.
2-way telescoping pole for easier hook-up. Keep pole in the long position at all times except when chopping.
Fifth-wheel type steering plate provides more bearing surface and has a handy grease fitting. The height of the Arrow FrontŪ feeder is designed to feed all livestock at a natural level for comfort and efficiency.
Low Profile feeders can be ordered for shorter livestock.

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